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What is Executive Functioning?


Executive functions are a set of skills that live in a part of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex.  These skills cover a wide range of areas like planning, organization, emotional responses, time management, working memory and much more.  Executive functions continue develop well into our 20s.  We all have strengths and weaknesses in all different skills. What is truly amazing is that these skills can be worked on and strengthened throughout our lives.  Much like building a muscle, we can build and strengthen our executive functioning skills through targeted coaching and practice.  

Executive Function Coaching can help strengthen your ability to...

Stay on task with homework

Getting homework done can be hard at the best of times.  For neurodiverse learners, homework can be daunting and challenging.  Executive Function coaching can help learners develop an effective plan and stay on task till the homework is done.

Overcome the resistance to begin a task or a project

Getting started on a task or a project is sometimes the hardest part.  Task initiation is a skill that many people struggle with.  How do you get started?  Working with an Executive Function coach can help you know when and where to start on a task without prompting.

Create and maintain effective daily routines

Having set routines throughout your day can relieve a good amount of stress. When you have a clear timetable and routine for your day-to-day activities, this takes a lot of much needed brain power away from worrying about what to do next and brings it back to the things you need and love to do.

Plan and organize schoolwork so it gets completed and handed in on time.

For neurodiverse learners, keeping paperwork and projects organized can be super challenging.  With coaching, they can develop systems and accountability plans so they can keep themselves organized and ready to learn.

Navigate overwhelming emotions when life doesn't go according to plan

In today's world especially, big emotions are hard to navigate.  With a coach, know what it's like to be heard and seen and learn how to navigate those emotions and how to manage your response to them. 

Manage time effectively for day-to-day responsibilities and projects

Managing your time can be complex and frustrating.  For neurodiverse learners, judging how long a task will take or estimating when they should complete a task can be overwhelming.  Having a coach can help you develop effective strategies for good time management.

and much more...

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