SWI or Written Expression Support

Image by Pisit Heng

Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) Support

Structured word inquiry is an enquiry-based learning intervention that focuses on improving knowledge of the English language.  We do this by exploring morphology (the structure), the etymology (the history) and the phonology (the pronunciation) of words.  

Students are shown the structures, meanings and historical connections to words and explore the phonology of words as well.  All areas are of equal importance in Structured Word Inquiry.  Through this study, students unlock important spelling conventions and orthographic knowledge that will assist them with both their reading and spelling.

Students attend two 45-minute sessions per week.

Written Expression Support

Some students require focused support on only their writing skills.  I work with students online to address writing-specific topics, such as pre-writing techniques, research strategies, documentation, grammar and mechanics. 

I provide direct and explicit instruction of writing techniques and support students with creating clear, effective and creative composition pieces that effectively convey meaning and detail.

Students attend two 45-minute sessions per week.

Child Writing Notes