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1 / How much does coaching cost?

This depends on you. The fee for the initial one and a half hour ADHD Coaching Strategy Session is $150.00. My one on one coaching packages include a four week, 3-Month or 6-Month option. Each package includes 50 minute sessions over Zoom.


Four weeks of intense coaching is $380. Or, if you would
like the best value along with experiencing the most sustainable change, you can purchase the
6-Month Find Focus coaching package that includes additional email support, ADHD assessments, regular
check-ins, and a list of ADHD resources for only $895.

2 / How do I make my payment to you?

Purchasing my services is similar to paying for a membership or retainer fee. I ask that you submit
your payment in advance of our meetings. There are multiple payment options available on my
website at or email for more info.

3 / Who calls who?

If our sessions are over the phone, you will call me at your appointment time at: (604) 619-4390.
If our sessions are over Zoom, I will send you your meeting link and we will connect over Zoom at the pre-arranged day and time.

4 / How do I prepare for our sessions?

This is a great question! Your coaching session is intended to be a time focused on you. I ask that you to have an “agenda” in mind before each session. Something you want to work on or create change around. Then, plan to login or call me at our scheduled time, take a deep breath,
and we will get to work.

5 / What happens during our calls/sessions?

Coaching is a process of making changes where I will support you in staying focused on your goals. There doesn’t need to be intense effort to create noticeable results. Set the tone that best supports you. Come with something you would like coaching on to each session, I will follow your
lead as we explore your obstacles and create new strategies.

6 / What happens if I don’t call/arrive at our appointment time?

If you know you will be more than ten minutes late, please call and let me know you are running a bit behind. If you are more than 10 minutes late or miss an appointment without notice you may need to forfeit the session and you will be charged for that session. Rescheduling a late or missed session will be at my discretion.

7 / What happens if I don’t get the payment to you on time?

If I have not received your payment, the coaching session will be canceled and you will be in jeopardy of forfeiting your scheduled appointment date and time until the payment is cleared.

8 / What happens on holidays, vacations or if I miss a session?

Please give me at least a 24 hour notice if you know you will need to miss a session. Without 24-hour notice, you will be charged or rescheduled at my discretion. I will not reschedule no call/no-shows. Together we can design a plan for coaching sessions that may fall on holidays/vacations. If you have an emergency, please call as soon as you realize there is a problem. I completely
understand these situations occur.​

9 / What if I want to email you between calls?

I encourage you to check in with me between appointments. It is my privilege to provide this extra level of service. I do ask that you keep email messages to one paragraph. If my response will take longer than a paragraph to answer I will ask that you bring your thought to the next coaching session. Save more involved coaching issues for our appointments where we can work through them adequately. I will return your emails as soon as possible.

10 / Why do I need to take “action steps” between our calls?

“Coaching work” is designed to help you take the actions or continue making the shifts between appointments that will move you to the next level. Spending time focused on your goals between our sessions keeps the coaching with you throughout the week. Doing the coaching work helps
you progress faster than you would without it.

11 / What happens if I don’t complete the coaching work?

If you don’t complete it, notice that you didn’t and let me know if you want to talk about this at our session. DO NOT be hard on yourself or feel you need to make excuses or apologize to me. I am your coach not your teacher, therapist or parent. I am here to help you meet your personal identified goals and assist you in finally making the changes you want in your life.

12 / How long does coaching take?

The duration of coaching depends upon individual needs. Most of my clients work with me from 3-6 months. That time frame will allow us to establish a solid foundation, thoroughly identify your challenges and strengths, design and practice new strategies and habits, experience progress and create lasting change. My goal is to empower you not enable you. Typically clients experience the most results the longer we work together, however you will still benefit greatly with new strategies and solutions even if you decide on a shorter coaching package.

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