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Hi!  I'm Michelle

The path I've taken to get here has been colourful.  Adding to the palette is my newly discovered diagnosis of ADHD.  And now?  The puzzle pieces are falling into place.  As someone who has gone from being a candy girl at the movie theatres to being a published author, educational interventionist and now an ADHD Life Coach, I believe wholeheartedly in alchemy - the magical process of transformation. 

It's definitely taken me some time and experimentation to find my home and I am so happy to be here.  My journey working with individuals of all ages in an educational setting has brought me so much insight into what it's like to live as a neurodivergent person in a neurotypical world.  And the discovery of my own diagnosis has brought an entirely new understanding - one that allows me to support YOU fully and completely. 

As an ADHD Life Coach, I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you asking you the questions that help you see and know your own light.  I firmly believe in you.  My job?  To help you believe in yourself too.  I am deeply passionate about holding space for you to discover your own innate abilities, knowledge and talents and harness these as you navigate and lean into your own unique experience of ADHD. 

My Approach

I consider it a massive privilege to partner with you to lean into the powers that ADHD can bring.  Within our partnership, you can learn how to harness your own innate abilities to navigate the unique challenges ADHD brings to your life.  I stand beside you and help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be through deep and active listening, powerful questioning and a fierce belief in who you are and what you are capable of.  

Through the powerful work of discovering where you are now and envisioning where you want to be, we engage in the process of deep and personal exploration to uncover your own growth potential.  Together, we dig deep, we set goals, we envision outcomes and we are accountable.  All this to help you create a life that you dream of. 

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I am an ADHD Coach in Training with the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACT Center).  I am also a certified Executive Function Coach and Orton-Gillingham practitioner.  I have spent the last thirteen years working with neurodivergent clients of all ages and abilities and have developed a deep passion for supporting these amazing individuals not only in their academic pursuits but also in their social and emotional literacy.  This is what has brought me to ADHD LIfe Coaching and this is where I have found my home. 

I LOVE partnering with my clients and walking with them along their path and helping them to discover their own light.  I feel so privileged to be able to help my clients find ways to tap into their own talents and abilities and help them reach places they never thought possible. 

On a personal note...

You could say that I am a late bloomer.  I've spent a lot of time experimenting and learning what I love and what I don't. 

I LOVE to laugh and I have a quirky sense of humour. I live on a beautiful island just off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and the minute I get on the ferry, I breathe a huge sigh of relief that I am going home.  I consider myself very lucky to be sharing my life with my "person" - my husband, Chris.  Together, we have two amazing and musically inclined boys who inspire me every single day.   

Words are my jam - and you can often find me looking up new words and their etymology.  I love learning about history and archeology and my ADHD can have me obsessed with any number of hobbies and interests.  Oh!  The potential!  

On any given day, you will find me walking trails with my dog, Sophie, chilling out on my deck enjoying the mountain views, entertaining family or friends or watching my favourite Brit shows. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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