Cover Your BASES

Looking to get healthy?

Want to lose weight?

Wishing and hoping to feel Great in Your Own Skin?


Before you buy the weight-loss program, join the health club or get out your juicer, make sure you’ve got all of your



Because it’s about more than the numbers.

It’s about more than the plans.

It’s about more than the programs.




While knowing and implementing good nutrition is important, that’s only a piece of the puzzle.


A huge part of the conversation is missing and that’s where I come in.


What’s missing is the conversation and exploration around who you are as an eater, what you believe about yourself and what you tell yourself on a daily basis and whether you actually are even in touch with your body.


With me as your guide and your cheerleader, you will join others that are looking to make a lasting change on the inside and the outside. We will dig deep and uncover what might be holding you back from being the healthiest you. In this group setting, we will cover the psychological BASES of getting healthy.


It’s a six session walk-through of the five BASES you need to cover before you start any new weight loss or nutrition program. It’s also an exploration in getting to know YOU intimately and sharing and receiving stories with other women who want to, once and for all, get off the hamster wheel of falling off the wagon and getting back on again.


This program is ideal for you if…

  • You’ve tried it all, it seems, and you just can’t figure out why you can’t lose the weight or feel good in your body.
  • You want to create lasting change on the inside so that you can move forward in your new health plan with confidence and with peace.
  • You’re sick of the hamster wheel of losing weight and gaining it back and you’re ready to finally dive deep into what might be holding you back.
  • You’re open to learning from and sharing with other women who share the same struggles and challenges around weight and body image.
  • You want to take the necessary steps to create TRUE TRANSFORMATION from the inside-out.
  • You aren’t looking for a quick fix or a magic pill.


In this powerful program, we will make sure you’ve got your BASES covered. Through group calls and private sessions with myself we will explore…


  • Your Beliefs around you as a person, your body, your weight and your life.


  • Embracing and Accepting what is here RIGHT NOW and loving it for everything it is teaching you.


  • Getting ridiculously honest about the lifestyle choices and the Stress you are allowing into your life and deciding if those are the right choices for you.


  • The intimacy of becoming aware of and Embodying your body wholeheartedly.


  • Learning the art of Slowing down and the power it has to transform your psychological self and your physical self.




THREE 60-minute Private Coaching Sessions with me at the start of the program, at mid-point and at the end.


SIX x 60-minute LIVE GROUP WEBINARS (2 each month) every second Thursday covering a different BASE each week.


SIX ACCOMPANYING AUDIO or VIDEO RECORDINGS from me delivered to your inbox every Sunday before the call.


WORKSHEETS and MEDITATIONS delivered to your inbox to support the week’s theme and to support you as you dig deeper into the “why” behind your challenges.


ACCESS TO A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to share what you are learning, your wins, your challenges and to get support and cheerleading on this unique inside-out journey.


UNLIMITED SUPPORT FROM ME in the form of texts, email and Facebook Messenger. You will not be walking this road alone!




PRIVATE CALL #1 individually scheduled with me the week prior to the beginning of the group calls.


GROUP CALL #1: Introductions and Designing the Alliance – In this call, we will start getting to know each other more intimately. We will share with the group what brought us here and what each of us is needing to get the most out of our time together. We’ll create the space and design how this relationship will work…what is OK and what isn’t. This is a time for honesty and for speaking up in order to get the MOST out of the group. Here, we’ll also do a general overview of the BASES and how we are going to be covering them.


GROUP CALL #2: Exploring your BELIEFS – In this call, we explore and discover what beliefs we have around ourselves, our bodies, food and our health and how those are impacting our efforts to lose weight or get healthy.


GROUP CALL #3: The power of ACCEPTANCE – Here’s where we learn the value of recognizing and accepting where we are now and, in fact, honoring it fully.


GROUP CALL #4: What role does STRESS play? You might not think so but stress plays a huge role in our minds AND our bodies and it can be a huge stumbling block when we are trying to get healthy. In this call, we will talk about stress and the role it plays in your life and how we can start making changes.


PRIVATE CALL #2: Individually scheduled call with me to check-in and give you support as you are moving through the BASES.


GROUP CALL #5: The beauty of EMBODIMENT – In this call, we talk about loving your body from the inside out. This is all about discovering and experiencing pleasure in the body.


GROUP CALL #6: The magic of SLOWING DOWN – Slowing down has incredible power. Learn how slowing down can impact your physiology and your mental well-being.

  • 3 Hours of private coaching.
  • 6 hours of live instruction and interactive group coaching time with me helping you make sure you’ve got all those BASES covered.
  • Real action steps, tools and meditations for you to help you move forward with your health goals with a sense of confidence and true inner peace.
  • Unlimited access to me throughout the length of the program.
  • Access to the private Facebook page filled with like-minded women supporting you and cheerleading you all the way.



(or $250.00 per month for three months.)

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Start Your Inside-Out Journey Now!
 SIGN UP for your free Toxic Beliefs worksheet and Guided Embodiment Meditation. You’ll also get free blog updates, news of upcoming classes and more!
100% Privacy. We don't spam.